Frederick Wright Jones was born in Kimberton Pennsylvania USA He presently travels between the Philadelphia area and Hamburg Germany A country-boy pushed by a responsibility to initiate conversation and critique about history and culture Jones's hybrid practice works as both a mode of research and a method to communicate He builds folk art inspired tools, toys and totems combining fusion craft with performance sound-clash and video Jones's multimedia works materialize the effort to define and redefine his placement as an American and global citizen. The experience of growing up with African European and Native American heritage in rural Pennsylvania and then living as a foreigner in a Europe where there are varied levels of reconciliation with past atrocities motivate this work Much of his multimedia practice seeks to find the liminal space formed from racism and national boundaries, and to locate how citizens are defined and separated from those who remain alien Aesthetically he is inspired by folk art merchandise packaging underground comics and propaganda The work tells a narrative that weaves mythology history contemporary politics and pop culture displaying an ethical stance that hovers between dutiful responsibility and post-punk cynicism Fairytales Ain't Always for Kids His objects and installations work at the crossroads of function play and ritual Performance is engaged to bring to fulfillment each object's function and potential and to transform the viewer's role from that of spectator Strangefruit to collaborator NRAACP f frederick w wright jones currently works as an artist and offers courses in drawing sculpture and performance in Germany Jones supports his art habit working as a rope-supported arborist The team oriented physical work exposure to the elements and intensity with material all feed into his sculptural practice frederick frederic fredrick phrederick fred freddy j phred f f. wright right w w. jones johns dschonz art artist sculpture sculptor kunst bildhauer bildhauerei wood holz performance draw drawing illustration ub suny buffalo hamburg kimberton pennsylvania pa risd fort thunder skam s.k.a.m. s21 nraacp national rifle association advancement colored people nra naacp black power panther robert williams malcolm x mao zedong gabriel nathaniel prosser turner jefferson creativesword barack obama dream race class ghetto first amendment second amendment rural country boy trash fwj fwjones constitution america american nation psyche empowerment right to bear arms violence minority minorities black youth ghettoization slavery master slave gentrification emancipation civil war death hope struggle fight funk society punk post-punk post-human white people the man oppression oppressor oppressor's owner plantation middle passage civil rights equal justice